BMC SLR03 TWO (Showmodel in maat 51cm)

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The Teammachine has won them all; the Tour de France, the Olympics, World Championships, and grueling Classics. Despite its success, we haven’t been resting on our laurels: to stand still means being overtaken – to remain at the top, the best must evolve. To bring you the new Teammachine, we pushed the boundaries of advanced cycling technology. Its creation has been all-encompassing. First we gathered feedback from our professional riders – no one knows the Teammachine better than they do. We also sought advice from partners outside of the industry to make sure we had access to the latest scientific research. We leveraged our decades of in-house carbon expertise, and explored the possibilities by applying our ground-breaking ACE Technology. The result is the pinnacle of performance in competitive cycling: the world’s raciest balance of lightweight, stiffness and compliance, perfected with maximal integration and Swiss design. Let there be no doubts, we are ready to continue to dominate the peloton.

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To create the Teammachine SLR, we replaced traditional prototyping processes with the powerful Accelerated Composites Evolution (ACE) Technology. This unique, iterative, computer-modeling program analyzed over 34,000 possible frame configurations to optimize the bike’s geometrical structure, tubecross-sections, and carbon lay-up. The final result is a bike that embodies the perfect combination of weight, stiffness, and vertical compliance to deliver the ultimate WorldTour-worthy ride.

The Teammachine SLR series is the lightest in the BMC line-up, but creating just an extremely light bike is too easy for our engineers – the Teammachine’s blend of lightweight, stiffness and compliance are what puts this bike ahead of the rest.

‘Acceleration Re-defined’ – with every stomp of the pedals it’s obvious that this is more than just a tagline; it’s an engineeringphilosophy. For the steepest climbs and the most daring descents– for every attack and every dive into a switchback, it’sobvious that the Teammachine SLR03 holds nothing back.

Light, stiff, compliant – the old saying says “pick two”. With ACETechnology, we decided to pick all three. The TeammachineSLR was designed to keep our WorldTour riders fresh duringthe longest days in the saddle, it will do the same for you on yourepic rides.